Nearing retirement

Primary Goals: Consolidate investments accounts, mitigate taxes, create a reliable retirement income stream.
Age: 57

Jennifer has accumulated wealth over the years working as an executive, and she is now beginning to think about retirement. She is fairly confident that she has enough to retire, but also hopes to leave a legacy to her children and grandchildren. Jennifer wants a better plan that would provide her with confidence in her retirement, and allow her to make a financial impact in the lives of her family while she is living.

Jennifer has numerous investment accounts and pensions from various roles she has held over the years at different organizations. She has three children (one still in university) and two grandchildren. She owns her home, lives modestly, and looks forward to spending more time with her family in retirement.

She feels anxious about having her investments spread out across various institutions, and finds it overwhelming to manage the accounts. She has questions about tax consequences in accessing the various types of accounts, and how to carve out an amount that she can gift to her children during her lifetime that doesn’t jeopardize her retirement. She is seeking professional financial help to ease her mind and create a plan that works for her unique situation. She is looking for someone that will listen to her questions and concerns. She wants to be heard and not sold to.


How we helped – A comprehensive Living Plan focused on addressing her needs


✓ Established a retirement timeline that included future financial changes (e.g. Canadian Pension Plan & Old Aged Security).
✓ Organized her investments to ensure the right amounts are allocated to each of her goals.
✓ Coordinate the future draw from her various pensions to give her peace of mind in retirement.
✓ Improve asset allocation to better align with their goals.
✓ Create a reliable and lifelong income stream from investments.
✓ Identify funds not needed to secure retirement and strategies options for providing a financial impact in the lives of her family.

Ultimately, we helped Jennifer create a comprehensive Living Plan, get organized, gain clarity on her financial life, and take valuable actions towards improving her retirement success. With a plan in place, Jennifer is able to bring back a sense of purpose and confidence to her remaining working years. In the near future, she will be able to embrace retirement and spend it with her family.


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